Cylinder-Safe manufactures "wall mounted" and "floor mounted" cylinder storage rack systems. Constructed for rigorous use applications, Cylinder-Safe systems can be used for storage of full or empty cylinders and can be used in conjunction with manifold systems. Wall mounted models can securely store 2 - 12 cylinders and floor mounted models can securely store 2 - 24 cylinders. Cylinder-Safe storage systems fit "H", "S", or "T" size cylinders, and can be easily installed by maintenance personnel.

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Cylinder-Safe Details:

Cylinder-Safe fully meets the NFPA 99 "Standard for Health Care Facilities", 1999 and 2002 editions which state that facilities shall meet the following requirements with regard to gas cylinders: Design and Construction (2) Be secured with lockable doors or gates or otherwise secured. (7) Be provided with racks, chains, or other fastening to individually secure all cylinders whether connected, unconnected, full, or empty, from falling. (9) Have racks, shelves, and supports where provided constructed of non-combustible materials or limited-combustible materials.

Compressed Gas Association's Position Statement Summery.

Racks sized 2, 3, 4, or 6 cylinders wide, 1 and 2 cylinders deep Each cylinder individually secured 10 gage carbon steel - all welded construction Powder coated for corrosion protection Cylinders can be quickly secured with one hand Each cylinder can be locked for added security Wall mount, free standing, and custom design models available...


Installation Instructions for
Floor Mount Systems
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Installation Instructions for
Wall Mount Systems
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Our customers include:

Afton Chemical - California State University - Department of the Air Force - F.B.I. Laboratory - General Dynamics - Georgia Gulf Chemicals

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- Honeywell - Jet Aviation - M.G.M. - National Institute of Standards and Tech. -Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory - U.S. Army Special Tactics Training Division - Sunoco, Inc. - Texas A&M University - U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission - Underwriters Laboratory Inc. - University of Miami - University of Nebraska - U.S. Veterans Affairs Hospital - Battelle - Westinghouse Savannah River